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folding stairlift / armchair type
HIRO 160

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folding stairlift / armchair type folding stairlift / armchair type - HIRO 160


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    folding, armchair type


Negotiate curves gracefully and safely with the patented traction drive

Space-saving solution for the inner side of curved staircases

In many houses it is not possible to run the stair lift along the outer side of a curved staircase since a door, for instance, might interrupt its path. In this case, the lift is fitted on the inner side of the staircase. This means that several storeys can be connected in tight and therefore space-saving curves without interruption.
But such a solution can also be interesting for all other types of staircase, since inner guide lifts offer a number of advantages:

Shorter travel path
Parking option in the hall, beyond the staircase
Smaller space requirement
Leaves more space to climb the stairs
Later extension possible to next floor up
Even a door on an intermediate floor is not a problem
Tight curve radiuses assure an ideal rail route

We do not use any prefabricated curved rail sections. The stainless steel guide rail is made specially to suit your staircase measurements. We can therefore achieve the tightest possible curve radiuses whatever your staircase. We also maximise the space left for climbing the stairs.