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wheelchair lifting platform / staircase-mounted
HIRO 360, HIRO 370

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wheelchair lifting platform / staircase-mounted wheelchair lifting platform / staircase-mounted - HIRO 360, HIRO 370


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For the special case where a staircase ends in a curve, a normal platform can not come to rest flush with the last step for wheelchair access. Such cases call for the HIRO 360 and the HIRO 370. Both these platforms can move vertically through 50 cm as well as along inclines. The lift continues at an angle beyond the end of the stairs and onwards to a suitable place in the hall area. There the platform is lowered automatically down to the floor. The space-saving HIRO 360 tray platform is used in either the private home or public building.

Data and facts:


inclined wheelchair lift for straight and curved stairs

Areas of application:

indoors and outdoors


patented traction drive ensures gently gliding operation

Guide rails:

lift runs on two polished stainless steel tubes that are usually fixed on the inner side of the stairs

Operating controls:

via a radio remote control unit or a control unit on a convenient spiral cable


0.1 m/s, automatic speed reduction in curved sections

Load capacity:

HIRO 360: up to 150 kg
HIRO 370: up to 225 kg

Power supply:

automatic charging - 230 Volts via mains socket, power supplied by rechargeable battery when in motion


68 cm wide, 75 cm deep (other sizes available on request),
39.5 cm wide when parked

Colours and design:

7 different RAL colours for supports and platform, more colours on request