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on-platform ultrasound system / for multipurpose ultrasound imaging / B/W / color doppler



  • Ergonomics:


  • Application:

    for multipurpose ultrasound imaging

  • Options:

    B/W, color doppler, 3D/4D, needle guidance


Thoroughly simple and compact. As a user-friendly diagnostic ultrasound system full of functional and ergonomic features, F37 is ready to be your partner.The F37’s simple operational features provide an easy and smooth workflow. The necessary controls for routine examinations are intuitively laid out, with high priority on reducing the examiner's operation steps. Imaging features inherited from higher-class models provide a work environment for concentrated examinations.

Features :

Advanced 3D-Functions
Auto Angle Correct measures blood flow with high accuracy
B-mode and Flow mode image side-by-side in real time using DDD - Dual Dynamic Display
Minute vessels streaming in fingertips sensitively shown by eFLOW
Needle Emphasis
SIP - Silky Image Processing
Umbilical Cord with eFLOW displays blood flow in detail