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    laboratory, for microbial fermentation

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The OmniFerm® mini parallel fermenter system is distinguished by the particularly small footprint, enabling several bioreactors to fit onto one laboratory workbench. This mini-culture system closes the gap between shake flasks and a laboratory fermenter. Knowledge gained in shake cultures may now be validated in the next-largest scale with little need for material and with great time savings.

The modular construction and the numerous customised diversity of variants provide a maximum degree of flexibility in comparison with standard systems.

The basic unit consists of a glass vessel with a stainless steel ­cover with all the required connections and an exhaust air cooler. Containers with working volumes from 150 to 1,600 ml are available.

The pH value is measured via an invasive pH electrode and can be regulated by CO2 /base or acid/base.

Gas injection can be applied by the headspace, a sparger or by a gas injection ring.

A solid-state temperature control system without heat transfer medium is used for heating and cooling, i. e. the vessel is heated and cooled over the base plate.

Highly precise pump drives for analysing pump hoses with dosing rates of 1 μl/min up to 30 ml/min enable exact dosing in semicontinuous and continuous operation. Laboratory balances may be optionally integrated in order to achieve controlled gravimetric dosing.