compact laboratory peristaltic pump

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compact laboratory peristaltic pump compact laboratory peristaltic pump - LabDos®


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LabDos® peristaltic pumps are displacement pumps on which rollers force the medium which is to be fed through a hose from the outside. The fed material thus does not come into contact with metal parts or seals and the pump hose is the only part which is in contact with the medium.

The gentle working principle guarantees secure feeding of media which are highly viscous, abrasive, aggressive, sensitive to shearing, foaming, contain gas and solids, are pure and valuable and also of explosive liquids and gases.

Feeding range, accuracy, suitability for certain media characteristics such as viscosity and media compatibility are typical selection criteria for laboratory pumps. The LabDos® laboratory pump perfectly meets these varied requirements and is good value for money. It is thus the ideal solution for diverse applications: A dosing pump for laboratory process plant, for feeding and recycling, for automatic sampling and for liquid handling applications.

The simple working principle of the peristaltic pump enables its cost-effective deployment from simple feeding jobs up to complex liquid handling.