powder dosing feeder

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powder dosing feeder powder dosing feeder - SoliDos™


  • Specific use:

    for powders


Drum Feeders
The SoliDos™ drum feeder conveys and doses solid matter in powder and granulate form gravimetrically from a storage container.

The drum feeder doses even "exotic" and difficult solid matter such as diamonds or absorbing particles in a trouble-free manner. The devices may be supplied in a customized form in various sizes.

The LabDos®-gm control unit is available for gravimetric dosing. Alternatively, gravimetric dosing can be carried out using a LabDos®-vm in conjunction with an automation system or a UniDos™ dosing controller.

The drum feeding principle opens up a series of interesting possibilities in applications in which sterility, toxicity or shear-sensitivity plays an important part.