laboratory dosing unit / for powders / for solids

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laboratory dosing unit / for powders / for solids laboratory dosing unit / for powders / for solids - SoliDos™


  • Applications:

    laboratory, for powders, for solids


The SoliDos™ screw dosing device is particularly suited for the dosing of small quantities of small structures such as powders and crystals. Also materials which have poor flow characteristics which tend to clump, such as magnesium sulphate, can be safely dosed.

A sticking together of the feed mechanism due to rising steam is more easily prevented, as the outlet nozzle is comparatively small. The dosing is not carried out intermittently but rather continuously.

The screw dosing device can be directly attached to an NS29 connecting piece and ideally matches the reactor construction due to its slim design. The rotational speed may be set from 0.01 to 200 rpm. This results in an appropriately large range for the dosing rate.

The SoliDos™ screw dosing device is operated via a control unit which is suited for stand-alone and remote operation. Remote control is possible via serial or analogue interfaces.

Nitrogen rinsing connections may be provided as an option.

The SoliDos™ is constructed of resistant materials. The parts which are in contact with media in the standard version are all made of stainless steel.

LabDos®-vm and -gm control units are both available for volumetric and gravimetric dosing. Alternatively, gravimetric dosing can be carried out using a LabDos®-vm in conjunction with an automation system or a UniDos™ dosing controller.