flow sensor / laboratory / ultrasonic
0635, 1905

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flow sensor / laboratory / ultrasonic flow sensor / laboratory / ultrasonic - 0635, 1905


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Ultrasonic-flow meter for measurement without any contact

These flow sensors are ideal for the use in bio-processes (bioreactors, fermenters) or in other processes as desired with strict hygienic demands.

The flow sensors are simply clicked onto the flexible hoses and demand no splicing within the productions line. The installation induces no pressure drop in the system. In addition, there are no moving parts which come into contact with the medium and which could lead to a shear stress load on cells.

Exceptionally compact dimensions
Non-invasive measurement
Simple handling
Available for various hose sizes
Customised calibration on various (culture) media
No pressure drop in the system
No shear stress of cells