class II biosafety cabinet / laboratory / benchtop / with HEPA filter



  • Class:

    class II

  • Applications:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    with HEPA filter, laminar flow



Standard characteristics for the new Benchtop Biological Safety Cabinet:

Electrically adjustable toughened safety glass
Stainless steel work area, base plate removable for cleaning
Control panel with LCD display:
all functional and operational parameters are indicated simultaneously
Remote control (max. distance 6 meters, useful in on emergency situation) .
Energy -saving Work light
UV – radiator ( 254nm ) in the working chamber
2 power supply sockets, switchable over control panel
Electronically controlled air stream, various failure Alarms
Main switch is key operated
Timer for START, STOP, UV radiation
Voice announcement of alarms and various operation conditions
Optional accessories: Stable rack on wheels

This mini safety cabinet class 2 provides safety at smallest space.
In Safety Cabinets Class II (Biological Safety Cabinet) about 70 % of the intake air flow pass through the down-flow filter and equally flow on top of the work surface and down as an „air curtain „ along the partially open front window (laminar flow). About 30 % of the partially circulating air in the BSC will flow back to the environment through the outstream filter.

Due to the compact set-up, the device can be set up easily even the smallest lab. Both the incorporated HEPA filters and the laminar flow prevent contamination in either way: - Product against user and the environment.