position sensor / for anesthesia equipment / for respiratory devices / for sleep apnea therapy devices
SS400, SS500 series

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position sensor position sensor - SS400, SS500 series


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    for anesthesia equipment, for respiratory devices, for sleep apnea therapy devices


The SS400, SS500 Series ICs are small, versatile, digital Hall-effect devices that are operated by the magnetic field from a permanent magnet or an electromagnet, and are designed to respond to alternating North and South poles or to a South pole only. Bipolar, latching and unipolar magnetics are available.Band gap regulation provides stable operation over 3.8 Vdc to 30 Vdc supply voltage range. These sensors are capable of continuous 20 mA sinking output and may be cycled as high as 50 mA max. Its 3.8 V capability allows for use in many potential low voltage applications.The digital, open collector sinking-type output is easily interfaced with a wide variety of electronic circuits.To provide reliable products and consistent quality, these products are tested at both 25 °C [75 °F] and 125 °C [257 °F]. All catalog listings in this series are qualified for operation up to 150 °C [302 °F].For design flexibility, the lead and packaging options are: Straight leads, 14,99 mm [0.59 in] long (bulk or ammopak tape-in-box) Straight leads, 18,7 mm [0.735 in] long (bulk) Formed leads, 14,99 mm [0.59 in] long (bulk or ammopak tape-in-box) SOT-89B

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