transport stretcher trolley / emergency / manual / with adjustable backrest
MRI Stretcher Trolley



  • Type:

    transport, emergency

  • Operation:


  • Features:

    with adjustable backrest

  • Other characteristics:

    MRI, non-magnetic

  • Number of sections:



We have upgraded our MRI compatible stretcher from unadjustable backrest to adjustable backrest version in the year of 2017.

They are suitable for MRI systems up to 3 Tesla ( according to their compatibility data sheets) and may be used safely under following conditions:

. Static magnetic field of maximum 3 Tesla or less

. Additionally a spatial gradient of maximum 10,5 T/m or less,


1. Non-magnetic stainless steel material

2. Backrest can be adjusted to 60 degree by clamping rod locking mechanism
3. 4 castors, dia 125mm, 2 with brakes, all non-magnetic

4. With loading safety siderail, the total length of siderail is 80 cm, height is 17 cm


. Infusion pole, non-magnetic material, with 2 hooks

. Sponge mattress, with oxford cloth cover, thickness 5cm