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QuantaMaster™ 8000 series



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Steady State and Lifetime Modular Spectrofluorometer
Simply the most sensitive and versatile benchtop steady state research fluorometers on the market

The PTI QuantaMaster™ 8000 Series of steady state, and lifetime spectrofluorometers offer the world’s highest sensitivity specification with safety, cost and energy consumption benefits.

The PTI QuantaMaster™ 8000 Series of modular research-grade spectrofluorometers are multidimensional systems for photoluminescence measurements. It ensures you get the best possible results for steady state intensity measurements, time-based experiments, synchronous scans and polarization. All that with high sensitivity, spectral resolution and stray light rejection. This level of sensitivity is achieved using a xenon illuminator, providing safety, cost and energy consumption benefits not found among competitor’s products.

The PTI QuantaMaster series is adaptable to every research need with TCSPC fluorescence lifetimes, upconversion lasers and phosphorescence detection of up to 5,500 nm.