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Tunable KiloArc

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spectrometry light source spectrometry light source - Tunable KiloArc


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Spectroscopy Solutions - Tunable 1000W Xe Light Source - Tunable KiloArc
The brightest 1000W Xe continuously tunable light source from 180 nm to 2400 nm
Need a CW laser that is tunable from 250 to 1,100 nm? yes
Need it to deliver Hundreds of Milliwatts of energy? yes
Need it to be so simple that anyone can use it? yes
If this sounds like the light source you need, then HORIBA has the answer. The Tunable KiloArc™ Illuminator provides all of these benefits, it just isn’t a laser.
Applications for the Tunable PowerArc Illuminator cover a broad range of scientific, OEM and research applications. These illuminators are the light sources of choice for a variety of spectroscopy systems.

Light Source for,

UV /Vis Spectrometers
CD Spectrometers
Stopped-Flow Spectrometers
Tunable Illuminators