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Blood reflux into either the IV catheter or the needleless connector is the primary cause of partial and complete occlusions. The reflux of blood may increase both the risk of occlusion and biofilm formation, which may lead to an infection. Occlusions occur in up to 25% of all central venous catheters (CVCs) placed annually in the US. A partial or complete occlusion can limit or prevent the ability to withdraw blood, flush the catheter, and/or administer parenteral solutions or medications.

Occlusions may lead to:

Delays in therapy5
Discomfort caused by corrective steps necessary to restore catheter patency
Risks associated with the use of declotting agents such as tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA)
Flushing of the line, which could release part of a thrombus into the bloodstream
The need of heparin (hep lock) in flush and lock solutions

The LifeShield Neutron catheter patency device is an innovative device designed to maintain constant neutral pressure and helps reduce blood reflux