plastic backboard stretcher / MRI-compatible / X-ray transparent



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    MRI-compatible, X-ray transparent


The Casualty Long Board, also known as a back board or spinal board, is designed for the immobilisation and movement of casualties with suspected spinal injuries at the scene of the accident - when used in conjunction with head and neck immobilisers and patient straps.Made from high impact lightweight ABS plastic which is resistant to the absorption of bodily fluids making it easily decontaminated between uses.Suitable for use in water rescues, the Casualty Long Board is also MRI/X-Ray translucent making it ideal for use at the scene of the accident right through to hospital diagnosis.Featuring 10 speed clip pins for use with speed clip patient straps and multiple long, wide hand-hold points for improved control.The casualty Long Board is compatible with industry standard head and neck immobilisers and patient straps (sold separately) and can be used in conjunction with the Basket Stretcher to ensure the safe transfer into the stretcher and offer complete patient immobilisation

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