stereo microscope for life sciences applications / optical / binocular / trinocular
ZM188 series



  • Applications:

    for life sciences applications

  • Type:


  • Ergonomics:

    binocular, trinocular

  • Other characteristics:

    USB camera, zoom


The ZM1 88's are configurée! for IVF/ET, or In Vitro Fertilization Pre-Embryo Transfer.
Using the specially designed microscope, you can place the light source to illuminate from the top (incident), or from the bottom (transmitted). The Diascopic base allows excellent viewing of unstained translucent specimens with transmitted (bottom) illumination. This is accomplished by bouncing the incoming light off a mirror mounted in the base, so the light strikes the specimen at just the right angle to increase contrast and clarity of transparent & translucent specimens.
A spécial configuration of optics provides a continuous maqnification Zoom Ranqe of 10.5X - 67.5X; everythinq you need for IVF / ET.
Three models of ZM1 88's are available, a Binocular (ZM1 88) and Camera-Ready Trinocular (ZM1 88T) and a Trinocular with digital caméra package (ZM188TC).
•Paired 15X High-Eyepoint Eyepieces
•Dual Diopter adjustment on eyepieces
•Zoom range of 1 0.5X through 67.5X
•Variable intensity cool light source
•Light Source mounts top or bottom, (Diascopic)
•Choose Binocular, or Camera-Ready Trinocular heads
•Trinocular models include C-Mount caméra adapter
•Capability to add optional C-Mount caméras
•Large stage with moveable/removable stage clips
•Ability to view large objects on stage
•Dual focus knobs with knurled grips