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EUS endoscopic imaging system / esophagoscopy / colonoscopy
VSonic 600

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EUS endoscopic imaging system EUS endoscopic imaging system - VSonic 600


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  • Applications:

    esophagoscopy, colonoscopy


Huaco Endoscopic Ultrasound System Vsonic 600 featuring VsonicPro 1228B and VsonicPro 2028B , is an intuitive, easy-to-use, powerful system to take high-resolution ultrasonographic images while extended via the working channel of a standard medical endoscope,

See beyond imaging, visualizing surrounding structures supporting diagnosis and helping to decide the treatment methods with Huaco advanced imaging technology.

The miniature probes of VSonic 600 are designed to be inserted through working channel of standard endoscope with a diameter of 2.8mm or above.

Suitable for ultrasonic imaging of Oesophagus, Stomach, Colon and Rectum

* Display Mode : B-Mode
* Scanning Method : Mechanical Radial Scanning
* Scanning Direction : 360 degree circumferential, in perpendicular direction with respect to probe insertion direction
* Ultrasonic Frequency : 12MHz(VSonicPro 1228B), 20MHz(VSonicPro 2028B)
* Working Length : 2,050 mm
* Total Length : 2,140 mm
* Insertion Tube : 2.4 mm
* Maximum Diameter : 2.6 mm