acupuncture laser / diode / hand-held

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acupuncture laser / diode / hand-held acupuncture laser / diode / hand-held - HY05-A


  • Applications:


  • Amplifying medium:


  • Configuration:


  • Wavelength:

    Min.: 640 nm

    Max.: 660 nm

    650 nm


Wuhan Hnc Home Use Nasal Laser Therapy Device

Model Number: HY05-A nasal type
Place of Origin: China
Instrument classification: Class II
Name: cardiovascular chinese acupuncture equipment
Size: Small size and easy to carry
Features: no trauma, no damage and side-effect
Operation: Humanized design and easy to operate
Service: OEM and ODM are friendly welcome
Therapy effect: Positive clinical experiment proved
Indications 1: hyperviscosity, hyperlipemia, hypertension
Indications 2: rhinitis, like allergic rhinitis, acute

Hyperviscosity, hyperlipidemia hypertension, diabetes
ischemic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases Rhinitis, like allergic rhinitis, acute rhinitis chronic rhinitis
nasal sinusitis and nasal polyps

Easy positioning, Curative effect
Nasal mucosa is thin, good light transmittance Abundant network capillary, easy laser absorption Rich sympathetic and parasympathetic benefit adjustment
Nasal cavity laser irradiation is for assistant treatment on hyperlipidemia, cérébral infarction and other cardiac&cerebral vascular diseases.

Irradiation in nasal cavity will obviously improve blood circulation and lower blood viscosity, which is displayed by Microscope Testing System for Red Cells.
1 No pain, no trauma and no side effect
2.Two output modes: puise and continuation
3.Witn a laser stabilizer to ensure high stability
4.High-capacity lithium battery with 1200mAh for long-term use.
5.Adjustable treatment time and power.
6.Could be used by two people simultaneously
7.portable and suitable for home use