automated sample preparation system / laboratory / for DNA extraction / for RNA extraction



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    for DNA extraction, for RNA extraction, for protein extraction

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Hudson Robotics has introduced another member of our expanding catalog of powerful systems designed to support genetic research efforts. Our automated extraction system greatly simplifies the process of isolating pure nucleic acids and/or proteins from a wide variety of natural sources.

Built around our PlateCrane EX™ or our new SciClops™ robot arm and controlled by our powerful SoftLinx automation software, the Extraction System is packed with new enhancements and features.

Support your favorite approach to DNA, RNA and Protein Extraction

Choose from well-known vendor kits, such as Norgen and Promega
Run filtrations using vacuum, positive pressure and/or magnetic beads

Offer powerful options to fit into your pipeline

Optional integrated thermocycler allows direct PCR amplification
One system extracts DNA, RNA and Proteins from Soil, Plants, Blood, etc.