malleable emergency splint
AEROresc® EASY Splints

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malleable emergency splint malleable emergency splint - AEROresc® EASY Splints


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AEROresc® - EASY Splints

Malleable universal splints for the immobilization of human body parts.

• Softly padded sheath made of plastic foam, IXPE Core made of alluminium mixture
• Structured surface on the patient side ensures a secure grip and better air circulation
• Patient side blue and outer side yellow
• MRI-safe
• Liquid-repellent (blood, secretion, sweat), reusable
• Lightweight | Compact and space - saving | Cuttable

Basic Usage and Application Examples

Reverse C-Curve | Stronger
Form the EASY Splint into C-Curve.
Afterwards pull the splint edges in the opposite direction.

C-Curve | Strong
Bend the splint edges until a C-Curve is formed.
This shape guarantees a solid an unbendable form.

T-Curve | Strongest
Fold the splint towards inside and bend the edges towards
outside until a 90° angle is reached and a T-Curve formed.
This shape guarantees maximum stability.

All models as Tactical version
available upon request!

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