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electric surgical suction pump / for water jet-assisted liposuction / on casters
body-jet® evo



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for water jet-assisted liposuction

  • Configuration:

    on casters


The body-jet evo product is made with a good enhancement setup that makes it easier for the unit to work right. This uses products that get water-jet assistant liposuction processes ready and useful. This works by taking in adipose tissues and moving items in carefully. This is made with water jets to keep tissues safe. Fat cells are removed from connective tissues and a fan-shaped jet will work to move it all out. This is designed with a control to improve precision and works with controls based on the intensity and effectiveness of what is used. This liposuction process can be adjusted with a relaxing jet setup and will keep tissues from being harmed. This can also work for medium or large amounts of fat. The overall benefit of this is that it keeps recovery times down and makes the liposuction process less of a risk to bear with.