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tecar therapy unit / trolley-mounted

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tecar therapy unit / trolley-mounted tecar therapy unit / trolley-mounted - SYNERGY VISS


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    tecar therapy unit

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is the device for use in hospitals, clinics and practices.

HumanTecar® SYNERGY VISS enables practitioner to treat up to 14 bilateral muscle groups simultaneously, with 28 transduction points.


SYNERGY VISS is extremely versatile in applications and MO. Square-wave, focused mechano-acoustic vibration enables practitioner to treat a great variety of diseases, as well as improving muscle tone and strength both i


Based on research data from numerous clinical trials, as many as 40 pre-set programmes have been created (with different frequencies, amplitudes and duration of treatment). Practitioner is thus able to pick from this wide selection according to patient’s needs and condition. The programmes can moreover be customized further, adapting them to the individual patient’s requirements.

Endless localized and systemic treatment options

Our SYNERGY VISS technology may be integrated into any rehabilitation protocol and is active operator-independent (save for those instances where a manual transducer is employed).

Comfort for patient

The technique is non-invasive, ensuring maximum comfort to the patient. The latter is not required to actively participate during treatment, other than perform useful movements to identify the area to be treated.

Swift results

The effects appear rapidly after just two or three consecutive sessions and sometimes even from the first.

Long-lasting results

These beneficial results endure as long as six months and more.n high-level sports and in everyday life