dermatological treatment ozone therapy unit / gastrointestinal treatment / circulatory disorder / autohemotherapy



  • Applications:

    gastrointestinal treatment, autohemotherapy, dermatological treatment, circulatory disorder

  • Ergonomics:



Humazona® neural- the new one
The small, normobaric, practical ozone/-oxygen therapy device

Especially developed for local injection / neural therapy in combinatiion with ozone-/Oxygen
Treat silent Inflammation with ozone!

normobaric Ozone-/oxygen Therapy
Digital displays of ozone concentration, dose and vacuum
Easy to use
Thermal ozone catalyst
Dust tight removal valve with luer-lock approaches
2-year warranty on the device
10-year warranty on the Ozohr tube
Tuned to patented Sangiset® system
Suitable for outpatient and inpatient therapy

Minor Autohaemo Therapy as extracorporeal i.m. injection
Major Autohaemo Therapy as extracorporeal blood treatment
(low and high-dose possible applications)
Rectal insufflation
Neural therapy in combination with ozone-/oxygen

Local injections
Subcutaneous injection (see c.)
Intramuscular injection (i.m.)
Intracutaneous injection (i.c.)
Intraarticular injection (
Paravertebral and intradisctal injection
Percutaneous intradiscal injection for the lumbal disc (nucleolysis)
Periveral injection
Perilymphatic injection
Bag gassing treatment
Ozonated water
nasal inhalations (tinitus and Sinusitis)

CE 0086 licensed.

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