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obstetrical/gynecological test kit / AFP / serum / plasma

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obstetrical/gynecological test kit / AFP / serum / plasma obstetrical/gynecological test kit / AFP / serum / plasma


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  • Sample type:

    serum, plasma

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Model name: AFP Test
Humasis AFP Card is a one step in vitro diagnostic test based on immunochromatographic assay. It is designed for qualitative determination of human AFP in serum or plasma specimen.
· Simple one-step AFP rapid test
· Blood sample: serum / plasma
· Highly sensitive and easy to use
· Relative sensitivity: 97%
· Relative specificity: 99%
· Relative accuracy: 99%
· Storage: room temperature (2~30℃)
· Shelf-life: 24 months
· Test time: 10 min.
What is alpha-fetoprotein (AFP)?
Alpha – fetoprotein (AFP) is synthesized primarily in the liver and yolk sac of the fetus. It is secreted into fetal serum, reaching a peak at about 13 weeks gestation and gradually declining thereafter. Elevated serum AFP levels reappear during pregnancy and in conjunction with several malignant diseases such as testicular cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, viral hepatitis and cirrhosis. Normal AFP value in healthy men and non-pregnant women is less than 20ng/ml, but in pregnant women, it varies according to the age of fetus and woman’s weight and race.