twin fetal monitor
Sonicaid BD4000xs Series



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The BD4000xs series fetal monitors provide solutions for all areas of antenatal fetal monitoring. Using state of the art digital signal processing technology with enhanced FHR performance. This provides the most cost effective and flexible solution for all your fetal monitoring needs. Its compact size and styling belie its ruggedness and robust design, using the same materials, construction and design expertise as our world-renowned handheld Doppler’s.

- Twins capability as standard
- Unique no compromise full size twin FHR scale printing
- User adjustable, Tachycardia, Bradycardia, Loss of Contact and Cross – channel rate verification alerts
- Hospital Information System interface
- User-customisable trace annotation facility
- Automatic fetal movement detection
- Intuitive user interface and controls simplifying training
- Maternally sensed fetal movement marker