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leg press gym station / rehabilitation

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leg press gym station / rehabilitation leg press gym station / rehabilitation - 5540


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    leg press

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Leg Press is an effective machine for exercising all leg muscles. This unit is equipped with lock mechanisms and isometric strength testing possibility.
Touchscreen Hi5
10" Hi5 touchscreen.

Easy access handgrips
Handgrips improve access into and out of machine. Designed for those in rehabilitation, with long-term physical impairments and seniors.

Isometric testing sensor attachment
Isometric measurements like maximum strength and muscular balance can be measured using a separate Performance Recorder -device, if the machine is equipped with a sensor attachment.

Foot straps
Foot straps are used to fasten the user’s feet to the footplates.

Lock mechanism
Lever arm can be locked with lock mechanism. Lock mechanism also works as range limiter to set the desired start (flexion) point for a movement. This feature is useful for those with physical impairments or, for example, those undergoing rehabilitation after surgery.

Knee hyper-extension eliminator
Knee hyper-extension eliminator consists of two rollers which can be adjusted to prevent hyper-extension of knees.