semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 4-channel

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semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 4-channel semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 4-channel - HY-COA 54


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Test Principle: nephelometric analysis
Wavelength: 470nm
Light Source: cold lamp with high brightness and long lifetime
Detector: unique dispersion light detector with high sensitivity and repeatability, immunized the effect on result of jaundice, hemolysis, chyle andturbidity on plasma
Test Channel: four channel, each channel is independent, one or four, same or different items can be tested simultaneously
Incubator: provide reagent and sample incubator
IncubatorTemperature: 37±0.2℃

Item modify: easy to add or edit items, easy to set the items parameters
Calibration: single-point calibration; multipoint calibration; auto store and match with calibration curve
Quality control: auto draw the quality figure
Reagent: open reagent system
Reagent volume: ≤40μL
Sample volume: ≤40μL
Memory: save more than 10000 samples results, auto recovering results when power is off during working
Display mode: S, %, PTR, INR, E
Printer: Inner thermal printer, support on-line printing
Interface: RS-232 serial port, can be connected to external printer and computer

Working Environment: Temperature: 10℃~30℃; Humidity: ≤70%RH
Power: 100-240V ±10%, Auto adapt according to the input voltage
Consumption: ≤80VA
Quality Commitment: CE, ISO, CMD