dermatologic phototherapy lamp / orthopedic / heat therapy / tabletop
hydrosun®750 T

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dermatologic phototherapy lamp dermatologic phototherapy lamp - hydrosun®750 T


  • Type of phototherapy:

    dermatologic, orthopedic, heat therapy

  • Ergonomics:


  • Radiation type:

    wIRA, near infrared


The hydrosun®750 for medical personnel has a treatment area of 25 cm Ø at a standard distance of 32 cm. The power is 750 watts.

hydrosun®750 with table stand
Spotlight position freely adjustable
Weight: 7 kg

This special therapy device simulates the interaction of solar heat and the filtering effect of the earth's atmosphere. The result is a therapeutic radiation in the infrared range, which is characterized by its compatibility and special depth effect. This wIRA (water-filtered infrared-A) can be called medical infrared, because it contains only the therapeutically deep-acting radiation components, while those components are filtered out which can lead to a burning sensation on the skin or to real burns. It offers a high effectiveness with good tolerance.

Medically wIRA is used among others for

Arthrosis or rheumatism
Pain relief and muscle tension
Choroidal inflammation (e.g. of the joints or ENT)
Sports injuries
Wound healing disorder
Strengthening of the local immune system
Warts therapy