dermatologic phototherapy lamp / on casters / near infrared / wIRA
hydrosun®575home FH



  • Type of phototherapy:


  • Ergonomics:

    on casters

  • Radiation type:

    wIRA, near infrared


For private use we can offer you the approved hydrosun®575 home.
The treatment area is 20 cm Ø with a standard distance of 25 cm.
The power is 575 watts.
Irradiator on a flexible mobile stand for both therapy couches with and without floor access space.
Freely adjustable positioning of irradiator
Vertical adjustment: 56-124 cm from floor
Space requirement: 45 x 53 cm
Antistatic caster wheels Ø 75 mm, with 4 locking brakes
Net overall weight: 18 kg

This special therapy device simulates the interaction of sun heat and the filter effect of the earth's atmosphere. The result is a therapeutic radiation in the infrared range, which is characterized by its compatibility and special depth effect. It can be called medical infrared because it contains only the therapeutically deep-acting radiation components, while those components that can lead to a burning sensation on the skin are filtered out. With the hydrosun-device for the first time an easy to use, medical infrared has been developed, which does not need any further connections except a socket.