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oxygen therapy hyperbaric chamber / multiplace
HMS 5000



  • Application:

    oxygen therapy

  • Capacity:



The HMS 5000 Product Family are clinical hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) Systems oriented as rectangular hyperbaric chambers. This type of configuration is typically a two or three compartiment hyperbaric chamber and is designed to treat between six (6) to twenty (20) patients (or more) simultaneously depending on the model type (size) selected. Patients are treated in the main compartment(s) and this sophisticated H BOT System increases a patient's level of care because healthcare staff will be inside the chamber attending to patients at ail times during the H BOT treatment. Additionally, healthcare staff hâve the ability to enter or exit the chamber if necessary during a treatment via the transfer compartiment without interrupting the current HBOT treatment session. From a patient care perspective, this is very important should the need arise for immédiate physician intervention. The HMS 5000 System can be customized to meet the précisé needs of our clients enabling chamber doors, viewports, width, length, height, operator Controls, patient capacity including number of seats and gurney capacities, seating type, pressure rating, patient monitoring, and entertainment Systems to meet précisé needs of our valued healthcare clients. The HMS 5000 is designed, fabricated, assembled, inspected, tested, and certified in accordance with the Safety Standards for Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy (PVHO).