tecar therapy unit / tabletop

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tecar therapy unit / tabletop tecar therapy unit / tabletop - I-TECH.AR


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    tecar therapy unit

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TECAR Therapy (the acronym stands for Capacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer), is a technique that stimulates the physiological healing process by accelerating the recovery time of motor function.Diathermy stimulates tissues endogenous heat production through the interaction of electromagnetic field and tissue. The heat is produced in a uniform controlled way. The electromagnetic interaction results in a ionic flow and consequently increases blood flow in the treated area. This process stimulates endogenous substances release (in particular cortisol and endorphins) that are indispensable to reduce inflammations, pain and edemas.

Power supply 220-240 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 100W
Working maximum power consumption 120W
Peak power consumption 200W
Peak voltage: Resistive 105V max, Capacitive 300V max
Peak current: Resistive 1.3 A max, Capacitive 500 mA max
Carrier frequency 455 kHz
Adjustable power 0-100%
Touch screen graphic display
Preadjusted programs, free memories, Smart Card
6 electrodes (3 resistive +3 capacitive)
High conductive cream 1000 ml
Resistive and capacitive probe
Return plate
Cable for return plate