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bacterial identification system with antibiogram
SIRscan 2000 Automatic



  • Technology:

    with antibiogram


Automatic Agar Reader-Incubator for susceptibility testing

Quality with performance and efficiency Sirscan 2000 automatic performs all stages of susceptibility testing : incubation, reading, results expertise

Results reporting and LIS tramission

Accepts round and square plates Reference method : Accepts AST by disks diffusion or Steers Integrated and customizable SirWeb expert system gives more reliable results and detects almost all resistance mechanisms

Inoculum management carried out by the INOCLIC system : easy handling, reproducibility, standardization

Very fast : results available within 5 to 7 hours with MHR-SIR agar cost-effective : very low rate of failures, not captive reagents, very few consumables

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