rotating anode X-ray tube
XK1016 T

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rotating anode X-ray tube rotating anode X-ray tube - XK1016 T


  • Tube type:

    rotating anode

  • Nominal anode input voltage:

    Min.: 1,400 W

    Max.: 2,500 W


IAE has recently developed a compact light weight rotating anode mammography x-ray tube unit, with special double angle target, for optimal performances with all techniques.

A non traditional, metal ceramic structure consented to divide by a factor two both the dimensions and the weight, compared to a standard mammographic unit, down to a lightweight 5.5 kg, and at the same time to increase the heat dissipation by a factor 4, obtained by an efficient air cooling.

In this unconventional x-ray tube, of metal-ceramic construction, the tube housing and oil are absent, let alone a small lightweight box containing the radiation shielding and electrical accessories. The energy associated with each exam is rapidly transferred directly to the ambient air by forced ventilation, without the need of being accumulated temporarily in an intermediate body.

The energy transfer rate is more than three times higher than the equivalent parameter of a conventional tube unit, so the number of exams that can be performed in an hour, or in a day, is as much higher.

This high dissipation, combined with the lightweight, makes it the ideal tube for high energy imaging techniques with moving X-ray source like tomosynthesis.

Two separate focal tracks, small focus on 10° and large focus on 16°, complete the features of this device.