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PET laboratory cyclotron
Cyclone® KIUBE

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PET laboratory cyclotron PET laboratory cyclotron - Cyclone® KIUBE


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Cyclone® KIUBE is a fixed-energy cyclotron that accelerates negative ions up to 18 MeV and that hosts two proton sources

Designed to deliver, Cyclone® KIUBE offers the highest production capacity ever reached with a PET cyclotron. It will be able to produce up to 300 FDG doses in a 2-hour run.

Designed for ever, Cyclone® KIUBE is upgradable like no other cyclotron, so you can increase your production capacity. A full range of Nirta® targets are available giving you access to 18F, 13N, 15O, 11C (CO2 & CH4), 18F2, 68Ga,...

Designed for you, Cyclone® KIUBE is also available with a self-shielding option.