implantable venous port / single-lumen / titanium

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implantable venous port / single-lumen / titanium implantable venous port / single-lumen / titanium - Life-Port®


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The main reason for indicating the totally implanted catheter is to offer the patient a permanent vascular access device, regardless of age, without puncturing peripheral blood vassels. The Life-Port Vascular Access System is indicated for patients who require repeated vascular access for the infusion of medication, fluids, blood products and nutrients. Principally for cases where the solutions utilized present an osmolality > 600 osm. The major benefit is avoiding phlebitis and thrombosis, providing comfort throughout treatment

The Life-Port Vascular Access Systems come with a Patient’s Guide developed exclusively
for the person using the Life-Port. It includes information regarding implantation, its use, care
and frequently asked questions. All of the support and information that your patient needs
can be found in this Guide hat should be given to the patient.

The Life-Port On-line Portal on the internet provides all of the necessary information for ensuring the quality and success of treatment using Life-Port. There are
different access areas for doctors, nurses and the patient, with specific information provided for each one.

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