decompression hyperbaric chamber / containerized / multiplace
IB-130, IB-150, IB-180



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Hyperbaric chambers: Series IB-130, IB-150 and IB-180
Comfortable, reliable, safe, durable and easy to use cameras.

Practically do not need mechanical maintenance.

Comply with the legislation in force.

CE Marking.

Certified by the Spanish Navy (OCEPIT) under its strict safety and operation standards.

Steel construction with inner diameters between 1,300 and 1,800 millimeters.

Multiplace chambers with two compartments, specially designed to allow any type of treatment, as well as simulated dives, teaching aid, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), etz.

Its size and weight make them ideal for placing them on site as they are easily transportable in medium truck, being also adapted to a standard 20 or 40 ft. trailer, boat or vehicle.

We adapt the chabers with the equipment that is required in each case, thus ensuring the satisfaction of the end user.

On demand breathing masks for oxygen (possibility of different models).

Possibility of fixed firefighting system in both compartments in accordance with the Norm UNE-EN-16081, in addition to hyperbaric portable extinguishers.

Maximum safety: redundant power supply systems, warning alarms for the operator and triple communication system between the external control paneland internal control panels of each compartment.