CBCT scanner / for full-body tomography

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CBCT scanner / for full-body tomography CBCT scanner / for full-body tomography - ClarisCBCT


  • System:

    CBCT scanner

  • Application:

    for full-body tomography


The Claris CBCT is an advanced cone 3D beam imaging system. Designed by iCRco, it is a professional CBCT which provides Low-Dose SafeBeam technology. In order to facilitate faster diagnosis and treatment, the Claris CBCT provides In-Office 3D imaging. The system is able to visualize both soft and hard tissues with the best spatial resolution of 0.075 mm.

The Claris CBCT is superior in the field of imaging to its flat-panel based Cone Beam Computed tomography scanner. It provides short scan times, an improved signal to noise ratio, and has a powerful X-ray source which gives greater accuracy. The Claris CBCT has large FOVs and resolutions -7 selectable FOVs, each with 4 resolution protocols, which offers outstanding flexibility.