biology microscope / digital / hand-held / fluorescence



  • Applications:

    for biology

  • Type:


  • Ergonomics:


  • Observation technique:


  • Other characteristics:

    LED, UV


The Dino-Lite AM4113T-CFVW digital microscope is optimized for research and viewing fluorescent objects by using near UV excitation LEDs. It has a high-pass type 430nm emission filter that is designed to observe a wide range of fluorescence with applications in developmental biology, pathology, and anatomy.

The AM4113T-CFVW has the capability of switching the light source from the near UV excitation LEDs to the white LED, which is convenient for locating the object and obtaining an easy focus. All of these factors make the AM4113T-CFVW the smallest fluorescence microscope in the world, capable of many applications and visualizing a vast range of fluorescence.