laboratory microscope / digital / hand-held / LED

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laboratory microscope / digital / hand-held / LED laboratory microscope / digital / hand-held / LED - AM3713TB


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The Dino-Lite Premier AM3713TB with stroboscopic light feature takes perfect pictures by reducing motion blur, even under higher magnification. The strobomicroscope technology enables the user to capture fast moving objects in a very easy and convenient way.

It can be used for monitoring production lines in a manufacturing environment, observing living creatures in a laboratory environment or any other application with fast-moving objects. The AM3713TB has a very high refresh rate of 60fps. The stroboscopic light mode can be switched on and off.

The strobosmicroscope technology is effective between 3cm to 15cm and under low ambient lighting. Works best with lighting less than 20 LUX and non effective over 80 LUX.