image analysis software / data management / patient data management / patient report management



  • Function:

    image analysis, data management, patient data management, patient report management, telehealth program management, image capture, medical image import

  • Application domain:

    EHR, telehealth, aesthetic medicine, dermatology

  • Medical establishment:

    for dermatology services, doctor's office

  • Other characteristics:

    web-based, for tablet PC, for smartphones, server


DermEngine is a convenient and secure dermatology platform available anytime, anywhere. Compatible with numerous devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) dermatoscopes and several cameras, it allows health professionals and institutions to set up their clinics online, provide tele-dermatology consultations through a customized mobile app or simply make, store, analyse and access patients’data & images with more quality and accuracy.

Seamless integration with the MoleScope and Dino-Lite DermaScope device for mobile dermoscopy;
Management of data in secured, private web storage area (HIPAA-compliant);
Advanced algorithms for image analytics;
Specialized tools for short-term dermoscopy and lesion monitoring.


Advanced Visual Image Search
Automated Mole-Matching and Mole Mapping Algorithms (Full body imaging)
Evolution Tracker (dermoscopy)
Smart Image Quality Control
Tele-dermatology: a convenient, modern, affordable and secure way to provide health services
Trichoscopy module
Network: Doctors and Clinics can build and customize their own referral network
Management dashboard: analyze data across multiple clinics
Extended diagnosis: 3 diagnosis modules at doctor’s convenience: Clinical, Tele-derm and Pathology.