image analysis software / for skin diagnosis / sharing / for telemedicine
Dermengine tele-dermatology



  • Function:

    image analysis, for skin diagnosis, sharing

  • Application domain:

    for telemedicine, teleconsultation, dermatology

  • Medical establishment:

    for dermatology services, doctor's office

  • Other characteristics:

    web-based, for tablet PC, for smartphones


Why use it?

Tele-dermatology allows you to:
Create a new form of revenue
Connect with your patients anytime, anywhere
Provide affordable care
Reduce patient wait times
Provide consultations to your colleagues

DermEngine’s Tele-dermatology

Take your practice to the next level with DermEngine’s tele-dermatology platform.
Build your own referral network

Extend your care to new and existing patients
Connect to your hospitals, physicians, dermatologists and pathology centres
Increase accessibility to your patients
Receive consult fees directly in your bank account
Experience fully configurable tele-derm add-ons

Tele-dermoscopy for your patients

Give your patients the power to take skin imaging into their own hands with MoleScope. By offering MoleScope Basic devices to your patients, you can:
Receive high-quality dermoscopic images from your patients
Provide fast, efficient and accurate consultations