temperature monitoring system / humidity / purity / medical
Airsave Ultimate



  • Type:

    temperature, humidity, purity

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  • Product applications:

    medical gas

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Monitoring of air-quality in breathingair filling systems. This fully electronic monitoring system is integrated into the high-pressure compressor, it ensures purity of breathing-air, it includes saturation monitoring for drying agents in breathing-air high-pressure compressors, it is protected as a utility model. AIRSAVE ULTIMATE is the first device, which monitors CO, CO2, O2, SO2, NO, NO2,H2O, dew point, residual oil, temperature, and absolute humidity in mg³, and controls the compressor accordingly.

DIN EN 12021: 2014
For many years little attention was paid to the monitoring of breathing-air. DIN 3188 and the later European Standard DIN EN 12021 were considered as more or less discretionary provisions. Still many operators do not realize their responsibility and the consequences of their attitude.
Most operators settle for checking concentrations of contaminants once or several times a year with detector tubes and measuring saturation in the dryer cartridges.
If they carefully read this and other international standards, they would see that this is not sufficient. The European Standard 12021-2014 is absolutely mandatory and every operator of a filling station must ensure that breathing-air meets the provisions of the standard at all times.