CO2 laboratory incubator / for IVF / portable / Peltier effect



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for IVF

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    Peltier effect, cooling, heating

  • Capacity:

    15 l (4 gal)


INB-203M Portable CO₂ Incubator

15 litre cooled portable CO₂ incubators (IVF)

compatible with XiltriX® real-time monitoring
compact design with carrying handle
forced air interior, good temperature and CO₂ accuracy
rounded corners for easy cleaning
infrare dual beam CO₂ sensor for high accuracy
digital temperature and CO₂ setting
including 2 piece height adjustable stainloess steel shelves
including water pan for humidty
including 12mm port for external monitoring
including sample port for CO₂ control
including car adapter cable (12V)
heating & cooling with Pletier element
cooling without vibration
CO₂ range from 0-20%
can be placed inside laminar flow hood
best value for money product
best suited for short term cultures
specifically suited for IVF applications