CO2 laboratory incubator / UV / stainless steel / for flasks



  • Type:

    CO2, UV

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, for flasks, heating, high-capacity

  • Capacity:

    650 l, 850 l (171.7 gal)


Anicell 650 & 850 litre directly heated CO₂ shaking incubators

compatible with XiltriX® real-time monitoring
large volume CO₂ incubator shaker with high humidity
3 built in large capacity shakers with magnetic induction drive
stainless steel, condensation free chamber
rounded internal corners for easy cleaning
dual-beam infrared sensor
low contamination risk with UV sterilisation and anti-bacterial filter
short recovery times, with triple split door with magnetic holders
vibration free 25 mm orbital shaking motion
6 sided heating for uniform heat distribution
auto restart after power failure
optional access port & analogue output for external monitoring system
sticky mat for easy flask positioning
easy access to flask due to slidable shaking platforms
adjustable CO₂ levels
internal fan for fast CO₂ diffusion
adjustable door temperature
ergonomic design, CE compliant
humidity water tray with sensor & display