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    for DNA, RNA

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The MiniSeq System offers a simple, affordable solution. Advance your research with proven Illumina NGS technology. Perform a broad range of targeted DNA and RNA applications in your own lab on your own schedule.

The MiniSeq Online Community
Join other MiniSeq owners in the MiniSeq Online Community. Collaborate with Illumina moderators and MiniSeq owners. Discuss best practices, troubleshoot, and learn about how others are using MiniSeq preparation kits, push-button sequencing, and automated data analysis to fuel their research.

An Affordable Benchtop Sequencer
The MiniSeq System delivers the power and confidence of proven Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology in an accessible sequencing solution. It features cost-efficient sequencing, even for low numbers of samples. Its streamlined workflow enables rapid sequencing of both DNA and RNA. The small footprint allows it to fit seamlessly into laboratories, with no need for specialized, ancillary equipment.

Flexible NGS System for Multiple Applications
The MiniSeq System offers cross-application flexibility, enabling researchers to transition easily between sequencing projects for both DNA and RNA applications, including signal transduction pathway profiling, solid and hematological tumor profiling, and germline mutation analysis. Optimized data analysis workflows are available for a growing ecosystem of applications.