validation software / capture / blood bank / web-based



  • Function:

    validation, capture

  • Application domain:

    blood bank

  • Other characteristics:



Introducing ImmuLINK, a new software suite designed specifically for transfusion medicine. ImmuLINK | manage provides the capability to network your instruments, results, and LIS connectivity through a single user interface, providing an easier and more efficient way to manage the blood bank and its data.

Allows you to view, check and interact with all results performed on multiple instruments and/or locations including reagent details and reaction images through one unique screenshot
Works in parallel, as a separate application, without interfering with routine testing
Features a unique and intuitive user interface to simplify training
Includes configurable workflow and rules options to customize your lab’s processes


Consolidates test results into one centralized location for review and export to LIS
Provides the ability to check the status of sample processing on each networked instrument
Reduces duplicate testing by centralizing the worklist for all networked instruments
Provides the ability to customize rules and streamline reflex testing


Secure web-based connectivity allows remote validation of test results
Provides ability for core lab to support complex testing at remote locations through centralized results review
Allows for extended results database with storage and archive functionality for historical checks on-line