neurosurgery operating table / manual / height-adjustable / radiolucent
ORT100, ORT200, ORT300



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    height-adjustable, radiolucent

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ORT100 Operating Room Table
MR-conditional, radiolucent table for neurosurgery

VISIUS Surgical Theatre features the only OR tables that
are safe for use in an MR environment.
IMRIS’ unique table design enables intraoperative MR imaging in the surgical
suite without moving the patient. The ORT100’s radiolucent back section and
removable side rails allow the surgeon to perform X-ray imaging of the head,
neck, chest and spine.
The fully functional OR table allows the patient to be
positioned optimally for surgical access and imaging for a
wide range of procedures.
With an integrated head fixation system, patients can be placed in prone, supine
and lateral positions for surgery and remain in place for imaging. The table’s
removable headrest provides support when fixation is not required.
Capable of supporting 462 lbs, the ORT100 accommodates pediatric and adult
patients. An adjustable extension board can be used to ensure smaller patients
are optimally positioned for surgical and imaging requirements. The fixed
pedestal design features an advanced hydraulic system for smooth and precise
table movement.