zero air generator / laboratory / catalytic reactor / high-purity



  • Gas type:

    zero air

  • Applications:


  • Technology:

    catalytic reactor

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IATT AiroGen® Zero Air generators utilise Catalytic Reactor technology to generate high purity air that is free of moisture and hydrocarbons.

How Zero Air Generators Work: Zero Air Generators use three steps to convert ambient air into analytical grade air.

Step 1: Pre-filtration: An external oil-free compressor delivers air through a high efficiency filter that removes solid particles that may damage or contaminate the system. The filter has an automatic purge system and removes oil, water and any other particles larger than 5 microns in size.

Step 2: Hydrocarbon and Carbon Monoxide trapping: The air leaving the filter enters a high-temperature platinum Catalyst Reactor, which through oxidation eliminates hydrocarbon molecules down to < 0.05 ppm. The separated gas then passes through a cooling system prior to the final stage.

Step 3: Final filtration:High-efficiency filtration is used to prevent any solid particles from entering the analytical instrument.