homecare dialysis machine / with hemodiafiltration

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homecare dialysis machine / with hemodiafiltration homecare dialysis machine / with hemodiafiltration - DIMI


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    homecare, with hemodiafiltration


DIMI is designed for homecare dialysis patients.

Patients with CKD and possibly congestive heart failure, willing to remain outside the hospitals, able to take care of themselves and understanding and driving their treatment can choose DIMI. The goal is to reduce the impact of the disease on their life-style

DIMI is a device for home dialysis with a wide range of treatments:
- Peritoneal dialysis,
- Hemodialysis,
- Hemodiafiltration,
- Hemofiltration
- Ultrafiltration

Dimi offers all type of accesses such as peritoneum, peripheral veins, catheters, fistula or single needle and anticoagulation types can also be used according the patient needs.
Using bags, DIMI is therefore immediately ready for use.

DIMI offers a real-time worldwide connection thanks to modern information technology and allows an instantaneous communication between the patient, his doctor, nurses and technicians.