plug-in type vacuum regulator / surgical / continuous / intermittent



  • Connection type:

    plug-in type

  • Other characteristics:

    surgical, continuous, intermittent, pediatric


The continuous/intermittent aspiration unit is a combination of a continuous and an intermittent vacuum regulators, to be used in centralized vacuum pipe networks in medical facilities.

It provides the versatility of an intermittent mode for gastric drainage and a continuous mode for tracheal, pharyngeal or surgical suction.
In the intermittent mode, this unit employs a pneumatic logic module to alternate between the on and off cycles. The unit is equipped with independent controls to regulate the duration of the on and off cycles, the vacuum level and the suction flow.
In the continuous mode it provides suction from zero to 140 mmHg.
Classified as Low Vacuum/High regulated Flow.